2018’s corporate success are dependent on hiring processes

Your company’s customer retention, success and growth is dependent on hiring cycles. Political and economic climates affect this critical process. In order to benefit from the system’s laws and regulations that are in place for hiring companies, you need to have a plan in place for growth preparation. By reinvesting in hiring processes, you are investing in the future of your employees, customers and your company.

With 2018’s top hiring concerns being a drought of qualified applicants and growing turnover numbers, if you do not act now the money you receive from the income tax department goes to waste.

This is your best chance for preparing:

Accepting change

What was working for the hiring process two to five years ago may not work right now. Changing applicant expectations and more job opportunities create different hiring climates. This is also extending turnover rates. Reports show 25.4 percent of hiring teams noting high turnover as the number one factor holding back companies during growing times. This same note showed the majority focus on work experience. With just 10.8 percent focusing on soft skills and 7.2 percent focusing on the cultural fit, the missing link is here:

If your hiring is based majorly on work experience with retention being a problem, consider a refocus of your efforts. Continue focusing on work experience. However do not hold it in high regard. Start to allocate funds towards software which will give you a better picture of soft skills and cultural fit. Tools such as video interviewing software and personality tests help you see how they would mesh with your team.

Do not seek out people who are identical to your current staff. Instead seek out those who would fill the gaps in your organization. Do you need more creativity? Or is the team lacking a bit of empathy? Would someone with these traits bring your team together and improve customer relations?

Answer these questions before focusing on work experience.

Create value without keeping applicants waiting

Very few people like waiting. Instant gratification is the name of the game in 2018. Our mindsets are set to rush making recruiting needs more challenging. You must find a balance between hiring needs prior to improving candidate experience.

Help your team by sitting down with them to hear about experiences with hiring steps. Besides each of your desires, divulge you solving that desire affects the candidate experience. Your proactivity will ensure you save money in adding new tools.

Adarsh HM
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