Assumptions in screening – a huge faux pas

 These days recruiters screen multiple CVs in a single day. Some are brought in as a fresh set of eyes. They could spot things that are completely clear in the resume and begin making assumptions about the job seeker. Being curious they tend to guess their way through the pile of resumes. This is hurting the recruitment industry and needs to stop. Here’s how it can be:

 Using knockout questions in the application form

 When candidates don’t speak the needed language, they could be eliminated based on answers given in the application form. When you implement knockout questions during phase 1 of the cycle, you ensure the candidates continuing possess the hard skills needed for the role.

 Using parsing tools

 When you apply parsing software you save yourself time by removing the first task of sifting through a resume and creating a ‘does not make the cut’ pile. The software is programmed to read a resume the same way you do, seeking out correct keywords and grammar. Once the needed skillset is entered, the system is used to perform its magic. Here you don’t have to assume the job seeker possesses certain skills, or pick the ‘right’ profiles.

 Using automated videos for questioning

 When using video interviews during your process the job seeker must answer the same question in the same amount of time. By asking questions and allowing candidates to give examples, you are able to assess if candidates possess skills listed on the CV. Being a recruiter you can now reduce bias when comparing apples to apples through judging based on given answers. Added benefit here includes a first impression of the personality behind the resume.

 Using predictive hiring

Through perfect candidate profile creation, systems predict ideal candidates. There are systems and robotics built to rank applicants based on personality match. These systems might feel daunting but rest assured – recruitment will always be about humans. Such tools only help the recruiter make a more measured and accurate decision.

Adarsh HM
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