The change that comes with Recruitment 3.0


The recruitment world is a fast moving world. With changes in job markets come the need for recruiters to stay up to date of the fast evolving marketplace. The world of work we know is fast changing with the kinds of jobs existing now not existing a few years prior. New skillsets are high in demand and needed on a daily basis.

In this fast new dynamic world is it a possibility for old school recruiting methods to stick around? Or will recruiters be forced to change their game plan and embrace the opportunities being created by the new environments.

But just what is Recruitment 3.0?

Explaining the point where you are as recruiters is no simple task with there being debates around if it matters. There is no change however – recruitment is recruitment. Image hiring 3.0 to be the evolution in hiring. In the past old methods involved only waited for candidates to arrive at your doorsteps. With recruitment 3.0 you are seen as an active recruiter seeking them out. With the recruitment landscape evolving, recruitment 3.0 is fast to point out methods needing to evolve as well.

Seeking out only the best

Recruiters used to be led by candidates mostly in the past. They were reliant on the state of the job seeker market. Waiting for applications meant collecting resumes and sifting through them all for the right fit.

This missed the picture – the best candidates had a job and needed to weaned off them to show them your opportunity. Research studies indicated that at most times just 10% of those with relevant skill sets and experience actively sought out employment. Recruitment sees great opportunity in the remaining 90%.

A shrinking pool of talent

We work in markets that are candidate deficient. Experts mention talent shortage being global issues. Across multiple sectors there are skills sought after. Added with the fact the best candidates are usually working at high levels and getting promoted to levels removing them more and more from the job market. Surely this broadens the talent pool. However this only makes the recruiter’s job more difficult. Recruiters need to be seeking out the best and it isn’t easy amongst larger masses of lower-skilled individuals.

Placing the person first

The key principle of recruitment 3.0 is recognizing you aren’t only dealing with job seekers, you deal with people. Engagement is essential here. It believes social media is key for interacting with people who talk more now than before. Engagement is the core of recruitment 3.0. it recognizes hiring being a two way street and for companies to get top talent they need to go find them. Gone are the days of waiting for talent.

Adarsh HM
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