Company growth slow? Pay more attention to hiring trends  

This year is when growth will be fast. A recent survey of fast-growing companies showed 77 percent planned to increase company size by 25 percent. This is no simple task, but it is somehow happening. A single thing that stood out as important to hiring professionals at these companies were latest trends. Almost 65 percent said it is clinical for fast growing companies to stick to hiring trends and implement modern hiring tools. 45 percent mentioned they use new recruiting tools multiple times each year.

If your company looks set for fast growth, preparation needs to begin today. These are the tools and resources fast growing companies are implementing:

  1. Skills screening technology

Many hours and resources are investing in vetting each candidate. This is wasted once the applicant turns out to be the wrong fit. Here’s why many fast growing companies are eliminating human errors from the equation. Our survey showed 67 percent of companies using skills tests while screening. 56 percent mentioned they used personality assessment tools as well. Here lies two screens that are most common for fast growing companies.

  1. Video interviews

Technological advancements in communication technology ensure video interviews are becoming the new screening tools. Using various software, companies were capable of seeing the candidates they were vetting. Upgrading from video interviews, companies are now implementing video interviewing platforms into the hiring cycle. Designed to vet candidates, this software ensures it is easier to evaluate candidate and collaborate within the department.

  1. Social media

You might feel social media for hiring would be long done by now. But the manner in which platforms are evolving there is always something new around the corner. Recent surveys showed 44 percent of fast growing companies planning on focusing on social media for hiring this year. This would be the number 1 resource added to talent acquisition plans.

  1. Chatbots

Various companies are already using chatbots for customer services, very few consider how the technology can assist with talent acquisition. Chatbots allow new opportunities for potential employees and companies in getting to know one another prior to entering the hiring process. Chatbots on career sites could be programmed to give applicants the information required. Similarly chatbots can also acquire data to screen for potential candidates. Chatbots ask visitors about professional experience and certain skills being looked out for. Then hiring team members are able to discuss the opportunities at the company.

Adarsh HM
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