Cracking video interviews – part 2

Choosing your technical setup can boost your chances of a better video interview and landing that job. Here’s what you will need.

  1. The right webcam

The best choice here is a mix of your personal preferences and budget. It is important to look your best. Hence an investment in a good webcam for better quality video goes a long way in ensuring a good video interview. You can’t control plenty of things about the interview process. However you can control the way you look. Experts recommend external webcams as they ensure higher quality images and more flexibility for positioning.

  1. Webcam placement

Keep in mind that people look bad when cameras shoot them from below. For flattering angles, position the webcam above your eye-line angled downward. You can accomplish this by either placing your webcam on a stack of books or a box behind the monitor or placing the laptop in-line with the top of your head.

  1. Webcam lighting

This is an extremely important element. Lighting can take you from looking like a duck to looking like a professional. The idea is to do a lot with a nominally priced lighting setup. You require two clamp lights, cheap CFL daylight and a few light-stands.

You seek out even lighting across your body in order to minimize shadows and remove wrinkles. If your budget is low, you could recreate a similar effect by positioning dual lamps each side of the desk with the light source at the webcam’s height.

This will ensure you look much better for the video interview.

  1. Software for webcams

The majority of webcams arrive with software for adjusting balance, exposure and colour. Built in cameras do not. Consider buying and installing software to enable additional camera options such as iGlasses. Aim for nice, natural looking color.

  1. Using a headset – yes or no?

Many prefer the headset although you can do fine without one. Most webcams come with built-in mics these days. However there are a few issues with them. Firstly the background noise cannot be controlled. Secondly your voice ends up sounding a lot less richer than it actually is. Tone of voice is very important in persuasion.

Here’s a few decent options:


Controlling the elements is keeping the odds in your favour. Maintain the above and you could soon be joining a new company!

Adarsh HM
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