Cracking video interviews – part 3

Ensuring you maintain and control the elements that are controllable, you stand a better chance of giving a good video interview. Here’s what more you can do:

  1. What’s in the background?

Keeping the background neutral really helps. Ensure there are no posters or signs that are blatantly distracting. It is also a great idea to stay away from a mirror reflection popping up in the middle of the video interview.

Keep 2 feet of distance between you and the background – this way there is less of an ugly shadow.

  1. What to wear?

Do wear colours. Stay away from white. White shows up as too bright and being distracting. Don’t wear black on camera. Your webcam will try to show the black and could cause your face to clear thanks to overexposure. Stay away from herringbone and pinstripes or anything with a busy pattern. Use soft colours such as dark deep blues. If there runs a contrast between two colours it would fail to do well on camera.

Women must wear make-up on the forehead and nose to prevent shininess. Ensure your glasses are glare-proof to prevent reflection.

  1. Internet should be stable

A strong internet connection would be useful in preventing breaks or drops during the video interview. Stay connected physically to the router to be on the safe side. For an optimum interview use a speed that is 10Mbps or higher. If your speed is higher than 25 Mbps you could get away with using wi-fi for interviews and ensuring a good experience.

  1. Practice makes near perfect

Leading up to your video interview, do practice to get comfortable with your skills and being less awkward in front of the camera. This is a skill that can be made perfect with more practice. Use a friend or a spouse to practice. Practice really helps.

  1. Minimize other distractions

Lock out pets, children or adults. Nothing would be more embarrassing than a cat jumping into your video interview or a child screaming at the same time you were speaking about the professionalism in you. Turn off vacuums, leaf blowers and other potential sources of loud noises. Remember to apologize if a loud noise does go off. Never take your video interview in a public place.

Good luck with your video interview!

Adarsh HM
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