Ctrl + Alt + Recruit – How Technology is shaping Recruitment

‘Individuals don’t build great companies. Teams do.’ – Mark Suster, GP, GRP Partners

It’s not rocket science. Whether you’re an entrepreneur heading a bootstrapped startup or the head of a high growth MNC, time and money is precious to you. Time and money is twice as precious when it comes to recruiting the right team to execute your vision. The right recruitment tools & platform make all the difference. Luckily, we’re living in a time where talent acquisition software is in high demand and is constantly being redesigned to meet market demands.

The early 90s saw the introduction of automated recruitment technology through the advent of Application Track Software. India is fast catching up to this trend with established firms stepping away from traditional recruitment options. Indian startups have begun pounding away on this technical aspect in solving their incessant demand for cost-cutting measures.

‘Just how good of a thing is automated hiring processes?’

When time management directly affects your bottom line, as an entrepreneur you stop and think ‘how much time should I spend on hiring my next engineer?’. Imagine posting your JD on a job portal on Monday. By Wednesday afternoon 80+ relevant CVs arrive in your mailbox. Now you and your Human Resources team need to sift through each applicant, schedule and run a set of online and video interviews alongside your mobile recruitment strategy to ensure you end up hiring only evaluated and qualified candidates. This can take you anywhere between 14 to 28 days.

Nearly 1 month. To send 1 talented engineer a job offer. What if he doesn’t accept? What if he needs to serve a notice period of 1-2 months? How much time can you spare when the product must go live, orders need to be fulfilled and investors are asking to see some return on investment?

Here’s where automated recruitment saves the day. SAAS based platforms provide everyone from high growth enterprises to bootstrapped startups cost effective means of hiring the right candidate. Software as a Service offerings are fast making mobile recruitment a more qualified and reliable mode of staffing and hiring the right candidate. The right digital interview platform uses a range of tested recruitment tools to run virtual interviews and psychometric assessment relying on mobile devices and apps to connect with applicants. While traditional hiring cycles take upto 1 month, SAAS based offerings can help you fill positions at volume and cost.

Today’s recruiters need a fast and reliable solution that is easily customized and usable across multiple platforms and service providers. Streaming mobile interviews and psychometric tests across mobile devices lets the candidate understand your impetus on the value of time and effort. A mobile experience goes a long way in allowing for flexibility and freedom for both interviewer and candidate. Recorded answers can be shared and viewed over the app and assessment carried out at the interviewer’s ease. The more interviewers conducted across mobile devices the shorter hiring cycles become. This ends up delivering more value and higher ROI to your recruitment efforts. Upgrade your recruitment process with iRecruter.

Adarsh HM
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