Embrace the future of video adoption!

Change is all around us thanks in large to the world wide web. It is much easier for people to create businesses, do research and hire people. Companies still try to follow the traditional route, however. What they fail to realize is they miss out on chances of doing so much more. Read on for the benefits of adopting video in your company’s way of doing business:

Video conference – effective communications reborn

It isn’t easy getting people into the same room at the same time for critical meetings. Video actually helps solve that. Industry statistics point to a higher and higher interest in conducting conferences thanks to them being cost-effective, saves time and improves communication. Businesses using video conferencing see a 30% reduction in travel costs and being able to skip travel costs means a lot more savings that are re-invested into the company.

Video interviews allowing companies to hire right

Majority of companies will be hesitant when adopting new technology thanks to it being a great big unknown. While it could some time and effort to switch from traditional ways of interviewing to modern ones, the pros definitely outnumber the cons. Industry statistics show there aren’t enough suitable candidates to be screened. Video helps eliminate this through allowing recruiters to look across the globe for more suitable candidate to fit hiring needs.

Training videos for employees

The fact of the matter is training employees takes a lot of time. This ends up meaning more money is spent. When companies are able to make training less time consuming, it means the transition of new employees to positions they are assigned for becomes more hassle-free. How is this done? The clear cut answer is by creating training videos. It allows training processes to be created in a manner needing little supervision and the best part being the trainee goes to the video when needed. Cisco’s survey on majority of executives seeing a bright future for video in workspaces will reinforce this.

Video is capable of being applied to various parts of the workspace. If your company is not adopting video technology to its work processes, you company is digressing. 9 of 10 companies are making video investments these days. These companies are being viewed as companies that care about using technology to boost their growth. It is upto all business owners to find ways of adopting video in work processes before they fall behind.

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