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Mobile Recruitment – Tomorrow’s hiring method your competitors don’t want you using

What % of candidates do you think wish to see current job openings on the mobile career site? 50%? 65? 80? Time’s up – the answer’s 94%. You’re falling behind the competition if you’ve not gone mobile with recruiting by now. You’re losing out on talented candidates.

The trend is here to stay – a considerable amount of talent arrive at your site via mobile recruiting experiences. Candidates use your career site using mobile devices, applying via mobile devices and communicating with recruiters & hiring managers using their mobile device.

Mobile’s capabilities include front & back cameras, multiple sensors and ideal audio features to best make mobile interviewing a much more fun and easy procedure.

What’s trending, doc?

Innovative recruitment is vital – today’s talent has a multitude of options with which to get hired through. The demand for talent is immense with companies struggling to fill jobs globally despite high unemployment rates. Glaring mismatches between available organizational roles and talent in global pools is there for all to see. Are outdated and traditional hiring methods to blame for this?

This is the year 2017 where phones outnumber toothbrushes. Your company’s candidate base that was meant for just your company has not yet been tapped into.

So, how’s mobile simplifying things?

Selecting and identifying the right candidate for the right job description is the clinical step in hiring someone. You may identify over various options including job sites, social media networks, contextual searches or referral programs. Candidates can update profiles on mobile friendly platform more frequently than the web as they have 24×7 access to it ensuring you search through the right profiles.

Are you aware 45% of job seekers use mobile devices to search for job at least one time everyday? A mobile career site allows candidates to apply for jobs and ensure you gain access to better candidate pools.

Actual engagement with candidates

Such a phase in your hiring cycle is critical – today’s talent receive job alerts daily. Recruiters need to consider elements such as growth within the company, why your company is a great place to work and the facilities you provide.

Chances are your recruiters has never asked a candidate about their experience before presenting them to you. Mobile apps work wonders in these scenarios. It provides interactive experiences, allows you control over messages being sent out and candidates can begin chats with recruiters to clear queries about the job description. Recruiters then have the option of virtual broadcast sessions with prospective hires.

Being technologically advanced makes you look more professional and modern. You can also use the site to track candidate activity, measure engagement levels and ensures the candidate receives relevant information.

‘Your application has been sent to the employer’

A mobile-based application form works as a very critical aspect in the mobile based hiring spectrum. A form that is readily available and easily filled expedites hiring processes through shorter time spent filling applications. Mobile recruitment is very much in demand and works well with Gen-Y job seekers who are on the go and are active on mobile devices.

Mobile apps also help pull information from social networks that pre-populate application forms. Candidate application acknowledgement is important. Relying on HR executives is not optimum. Using mobile apps to convey this to applicants takes a load off your HR team’s workload.

New screening techniques

Competency is important. Resumes don’t always tell the full story. Interviews have drawbacks too as making time to do so is painful. The employer also does not have time to meet every single candidate.

Assessments or digital video interviews using mobile apps allow candidates to conveniently take assessments at home. Mobile apps offering fraud detection or video proctoring to ensure test authenticity is a big sought after feature these days.


Talent acquisition processes are taxing on your HR team. The complete recruiting cycle is a lot easier provided an app for it exists that can take care of all six phases while hiring the candidate.

iRecruter is a best-in-class Software as a Service video interface interviewing application and platform that assists and facilitates identification, paperwork, assessments and candidate engagement through one solution. It is your company’s much needed feature and a game changer in the training and recruitment space with regards to mock interviews, digital interviews and psychometric assessment.

Adarsh HM
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