All you must know about hiring for rapid corporate growth

Hiring is one of the hardest tasks out there. A single mistake and your business ends up with a bad hire costing you a lot of money. In such times where fast growth is all around us, chances of taking the wrong option is much higher.

Instead of hiring a single employee, you have to be capable of hiring multiple individuals in a small time span. And when you make mistakes, it stops completely.

Priority one is understanding that hiring for company growth differs from normal hiring. You cannot expect similar hiring tactics to work on larger scales. It is clinical to recognize the traps hiring managers fall into during rapid growth hiring in order to not fall into them yourself.

Here’s a few mistakes to avoid when hiring large numbers:

  1. Prolonging the process

It is essential to keep the process going. However when hiring for fast growth, the pace needs to be raised. When you are unable to fill new positions, the extra work needs to be done by your current employees. This impacts company morale.

Eliminate all outdated steps in the hiring cycle. Think about phone interviews. Even on email it could take a few days for both you and the candidate to fix a time. Add in the time taken to actually conduct phone interviews and your work is cut out for you. Try video interviews instead.

  1. Hiring just for current roles

With companies growing and expanding, so do employee roles. You may someone tomorrow and six months down the line, require them to take on totally different roles. Stay away from hiring for rigid roles, look for candidates with wide ranges of work scope.

Meet with the company’s decision makers to plan out hiring for company growth. Mark out dates for when roles need to be filled by. This help you select what is required in the future and whether you can find it in your company talent.

  1. Forget about culture

Company culture is easily forgotten when we focus on hitting sales goals and customer acquisition costs. Now culture becomes toxic right under your leader’s eyes. Keeping culture at the core during rapid hiring ensures all new joinees represent the company’s values.

Adarsh HM
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