Optimum ways of achieving recruitment fitness

In order to be successful in HR tech and recruitment fitness is critical in dealing with the stress of scaling businesses globally. Whether it be personal fitness or a better recruiter, ensure both fitness and luck are two of your strongest weapons. While fitness is all about discipline, luck is harder to influence. Just how do you measure the fitness of your recruitment? During health checkups you measure heart rates, lung capacity and blood values. In recruitment you measure the number of hires. High output could potentially come from obese or ill teams that are depleted in the long run.

 Fitness is a lot more critical than output is measurable using the below indicators:

  1. balance

is your team capable of balancing experience and engagement in personal setting with opportunities to automate? Which tasks are achievable through software and which ones need recruiters for coach and career advisor? Can your team roll with the new equilibrium.

  1. Speed

In the recruitment world, the ability to move all or part of the body fast means two things 1. Speed of change 2. Speed of hire. Time –to- fill needs to be core so your focus must change. Is your team capable of changing market trends with minimal resistance?

  1. Strength

Talent acquisition are never considered to be core businesses. This means TA and HR must possess muscle to put recruitment on strategic agendas. Is your team capable of pushing back to ensure it is seen as an equal partner in business.

  1. Coordination

When we dissect recruitment we get sales, HR and marketing with sums of all parts being larger than individual elements, now coordination becomes key. Is your team capable of working together with the right sensory skills to deal with the fast changing market dynamics.

  1. Endurance

Recruitment can never be considered as a sprint. This is important – you may not begin at the start or stop employer branding when needed. The employer brand is visible and must underpin your talent acquisition strategy regardless of the market.

Keeping in mind the above means you now look at your business differently and not just as output of hires. Ensure recruitment strategies are fit for all situations. Agility is kept at their core. Ensure you assess the current talent war with confidence and educate your team on what to keep in mind. Good luck!

Adarsh HM
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