Perfecting the job advertisement: The optimum method of attracting candidates

A lot of us think writing job descriptions is easy. You list out necessary skills and experiences following by details about the opening. Then you post it on job boards and wait for applicants to apply. There stands a lot of competition on job boards. Experts have found job boards being the number one source of candidates relied upon by companies. Almost 58% percent of hiring individuals use them.

Learning the art of writing attractive job advertisements that pull the right candidate will go a long way in deciding the talent that will enter your company. Take some free advice from the experts:

  1. What is the difference between job advertisements and a description?

In contrast to what you may have read online or in the papers, job adverts are not job descriptions. A job advert will reflect why people apply for your job. A job description just tells people what they already know about the role. To spell out why people need to apply for your opening, you must focus on the benefits they would get working for your company – and the reasons your job opportunities are better than jobs they’re currently doing.

  1. Remove ‘required’ from the posting

The word required can almost always be dissuading when in reality most requirements are actually a desire. A more effective word is preferred. If potential top applicants see five required skills and possess just two – however possess other transferable skills – they would probably not apply at all. Ensure you comb through your job description. Highlight absolute requirements as well as the complete list of desires.

  1. Don’t forgets, it’s the beginning of a relationship

Day 1 of an employee’s stint is the start of a relationship. Both sides must know when they’re signing up with. Providing transparency breeds trust and trust builds solid relationships. Ensure job descriptions tell this story of the true you in order for your company to get the employees they need.

  1. Refrain from going overboard

The job posts you put up need to be digestible. Similar to resumes, majority of candidates quickly look over jobs to decide whether they need to be reading further. When titles, introductions and basic qualifications are boring, unclear, hard to understand, these applicants will give your job a skip. Ensure the key things pop and avoid a long list of qualifications which become turnoffs.


Adarsh HM
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