Problems faced by Talent Acquisition teams

Ground realities

Hiring the best talent for your company is numero uno. This is however very complex thanks to changing candidate landscape, evolving technologies and tasks becoming more complex. Thanks to a range of challenges, not all businesses find success in initial recruiting efforts. Many issues hinder businesses and knowing such problems being faced by talent acquisition teams could help you save time and money.


According to talent acquisition professionals, the top 5 challenges being faced in their industry today are:

  1. The best candidates receiving multiple offers

#1 task for any TA leader is understanding the flow of the job market additionally to the changing candidate pool. The better the candidate the more job offers they would be actively pursuing. The solution is simple: ensure the interview is a smooth, simple and enjoyable. When candidates are picking between multiple offers, research shows the interview to being the deciding factor. An easy to use app-based SAAS offering ensures the questions being asked are viewed via mobile devices and from remote locations. Another key point worth noting is the prospective manager. Ensure your hiring managers don’t make it an interrogation!

  1. Weak recruiting processes

As explained by Facebook recruiters on Quora, posting recruitment ads on social media networks is not enough. Seeking employee referals are not the deciding factor. You need to leverage modern day personalized technology and marketing methodologies to stand out in the noise. Prospects relate to a company that continues to evolve itself and look for new and improved ways of executing tasks. Efficient technology such as remote interviewing apps and online platforms that source, track, evaluate and deliver you qualified candidates are the need of the hour.

  1. Ineffective hiring process + candidates with multiple offers

Recruiters face this issue more and more in the past 12 months. The minute companies find their ‘rockstar’ candidates it becomes obvious the candidate is most likely to be sought after by multiple employers. In such times delays and indecision by hiring managers leads to offers being unattractive enough or not providing the consistency that were being spoken about during initial stages of the interview process. The smartest way to correct this is ensuring quality of interview experience is high. High quality interview experience vital critical roles in swaying the candidate’s decision making your way.

Candidates require their business queries about the company to be answered. The interview which matters most to candidates is the one with their immediate manager. It is imperative to coach hiring managers to ensure the process is less interrogating.  

  1. Picky hiring managers

Another major obstacle within hiring cycles is hiring managers who aren’t aware of the search being a collaborative task. Hiring managers tend to feel it is not worth their time to share feedback. This becomes a huge problem thanks to zero feedback and no understanding of the position, the recruiter struggles to narrow down the search.  

A positive forecast

Technology helps you solve the above issues by improving the quality of talent acquisition. Mobile SaaS based platforms and apps help you conduct streamlined, high quality interviews remotely with candidates across multiple locations reducing your costs and expenses. Platforms also help you evaluate and score candidates on ranked leaderboards ensuring you hire competent candidates. Technology is here to improve your hiring cycle – take advantage of it today.

Adarsh HM
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