The rise of video interview adoption

Selecting the perfect candidate for the role is a tedious and time consuming task. According to industry experts, companies are starting to implement video interviews on a more frequent basis leading to faster hires thanks to it being less aggravation and time consuming on both candidate and employer sides.

The addition of video to the interview cycle means companies and recruiters are able to pre-screen a large number of candidates at one go, while observing verbal cues and body languages helping to select the right candidate.

Video interviews allow employers the ability to test candidates for on-screen presence. Other than that, the video interview trend is fast growing thanks to companies recognizing the cost effectiveness of conducting initial interviews with video that saves them money, scheduling headaches, time and allowing them to view a lot more candidates than they would otherwise be able to do. Recruiters now have the capability of replaying or reviewing anything catching their eye or comparing candidates towards narrowing the field prior to inviting the promising few for face-to-face interviews and following rounds.

Traditional interview processes are here to stay. Though the cost and time saving benefits of video interviewing candidates added with the ability to transcend geographical boundaries eventually adds up to a significant drop in face-to-face interviews. Video interviewing helps speed up the hiring process, giving recruiters the chance to spend energy and time on the best candidates.

A recent industry dipstick survey predicted by 2030 the generation of millennials would consist of 75% of the workforce. With their tech savvy hyper connected approach to life they are connected anywhere at all times. With the rise of cloud, social and mobile technology millennials are blessed with openness, flexibility and being connected instantly to people regardless of location. Through video addition and collaborating features like chat to early interview process stages, employers help millennials feel connected while being able to create a similar experience to social media platforms.

Adarsh HM
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