Video – the simplest way to building human connections

Recruiting succeeds when human connections are built. Less than five years ago, the recruiting process resembled something completely different. Regularly the bigger events would be call a ‘job fair’ where companies hosted booths to attract the right talent. Hiring managers, team members and recruiters all stood at these booths answering relevant questions from job seekers. These job seekers would be curious about company, culture, job role and wished to know more. Usually interviews are conducted on the spot with job offers being made. Those were a select number of good times with companies filling open positions fast and candidates finding jobs in a few hours. Hiring was a lot simpler back then!

Nowadays, recruiting is more automated and impersonal as a process. Companies advertise jobs in multiple ways making it very easy for candidates to apply to the point of anyone qualified or not being allowed to apply for the job. Thanks to this there are an overwhelming number of resumes that enter the inboxes. Companies get overwhelmed by the volume of the resume and hiring managers end up looking at just a few CVs automativally chosen by the system. This results in the very best candidates getting lost in a large of resumes while companies struggle to find the right talent for the position.

What is missing here is the human connection! Job seekers are interacting more with online sites with employers leaning on software systems to parse CVs based on keywords. Experts point out that technology must be used to facilitate the entire recruitment step and not replace it. Video recruiting is one clinical technology bringing human interaction back to hiring cycles. It is critical in improving the candidate experience whether it being screening interviews or rounds of interviews. Keep in mind the human connection factor when starting out your next hiring assignment.

Adarsh HM
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