Your brand and the EmployeeX

A smart person once said in order for customers to love a company, its employees must love it first.

 Deloitte reported employee experience to be one of the clinical trends in human resources in 2017. These days over 80% of executive rate employee experience is extremely or very important, however only 22% said they are excellent at differentiating. What makes differentiating so difficult? How can you excel at providing the optimum employee experience?

 Using internal marketing

 Domain experts cannot stress the importance of needing to sell a company to its inside market – the employees. Glassdoor measured overall employee engagement rates as being the same each year, indicating companies are not enhancing their employee experience. In order to market your company to your employees is only possible with a strong emotional connection.

 A common example would be the Miller Brewing Company who enhanced employee experience through an internal branding campaign created to improve employee morale. The campaign helped celebrate employee pride for the brewing tradition. Brewers were shown off as company heroes on tees and books given to employees. This campaign transpired into the external marketing too displaying a proud heritage of craftsmanship and brewing. Company wide motivation was up and loyalty grew tenfold thanks to employees being inspired by purpose and identity.

 Getting verified

 Candidates and employees are capable of providing instant feedback on employers via dedicated employment websites and social media networks. Candidates hunt down these reviews in order to understand where to apply. Focusing on employee experience grows your 5 star ratings.

 Candidate experiences

 This is the first step in employee experience. Treating your candidates well shows that employees are treated well too boosting your ability to attract talent to the company. However tons of companies fail in delivering high quality candidates experiences; research points out many candidates don’t hear back from companies post an application or even post interviews.

 Companies like PwC and Johnson & Johnson improve their candidate experience through sharing of links allows candidates to select times when recruiters are free. Candidates now appreciate flexibility of the process. Companies also improve their experience by creating the chance to track applications all the way through the process. Candidates get to message recruiters with questions and review any progress.

 Video recruitment works wonders in improving candidate and employee experiences. Using recorded video questions allows the candidate a first impression of the company and its culture. Candidates can now also feel their personality can be best seen early on during the application process growing their engagement. Video recruitment is a crucial cog in your hiring process and goes miles in improving your quality of hire.

Adarsh HM
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