iRecruter – Intelligent Recruiter

Smash The Monotony.

The interview process is in dire need of an overhaul. Long drawn out processes, multiple forms and waiting periods along with inaccurate and non-directed tests means low ROI and heavy expenses to fill 1 role. iRecruter is here to wipe away the cobwebs with an effective mobile SaaS offering that speaks the language of your candidates.

Mobile job invites

Execute a hiring strategy seamlessly over 1 common platform and easy-to-use UI.

Live & Social resumes

Out with the word documents and PDFs. iRecruter presents you profiles in the form of live resumes truly capturing the capabilities & essence of each candidate.

SAAS Mobile Recruitment Video interview Human Resources Hiring Candidate

Psychometric Assessment on the go

Understand the perfect hire before they join you. Trigger mobile psychometric assessment to evaluate the right fit.

Mobile Scheduling At Your Fingertips

Schedule across all platforms and networks to streamline your candidate assessment. Line up the right candidate via the easy-to-use iRecruter interface.

Training Recruiment Tools Digital Interview Live interview

Video Interviewing Done Right

Use state of the art technology to carry out hassle-free mobile video interviews at your convenience.

Instant Candidate Feedback

Receive yes or no answers for your applications. No more call backs and long waits – iRecruter closes each submission based on the requirement.

Staffing hiring platform online interview live interview
Talent Acquisition Software Psychometric Assessment Hiring Candidate Resume CV

Job offers delivered via app

Receive your job offer immediately and confidentially.