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Frequently asked questions – Candidate

What is iRecruter?

iRecruter is an online recruitment platform with video technology.
a. Personalized Video Resume – candidates record video responses according to a set of questions
b. Video Interview – interviewer and candidate administer an online interview at a scheduled time
via the iRecruter app.
c. Written assessment – candidates can take Psychometric tests.

What software/hardware do I require?

As long as you have a smartphone which can install iRecruter app and a working broadband connection you can attend the interview.

My phone’s camera resolution is not very high. What can I do?

iRecruter software ensures a high-quality interview with basic camera resolution. Higher the resolution the video quality will be best.

How could I ensure a good quality interview?

Start by creating a good setting consisting of sufficient lighting and zero disturbances. Maintain eye contact with the camera to ensure eye contact with the interviewer. Keep the Smartphone at eye level and keep your phone still for a seamless interview session.

Can I use my smartphone to record the interview?

Yes you can use your smartphone to record the interview. You can find the iRecruter app on the Google Play | App Store

Can I see the interview questions beforehand?

Sorry we do not release any of the questions beforehand. This is to maintain video interview integrity.

Can I re-answer a question?

No, you may not answer the same question after submitting one answer.

What is the best time of the day to attend live interviews?

Live interviews are conducted according to the availability of the interviewer. You will be informed 24 hours prior to the interview scheduled.

I lost internet connectivity midway through the interview. What happens to my recording?

You will restart from where you got disconnected. If you are disconnected from a video call then the interviewer will call you back.

How long does it take to upload my personalized resume?

Your personalized resume is 90 Seconds. Once you have recorded it you can upload the video to your profile. It will not take more than 15-20 Sec.

Frequently asked questions – Client

Why does iRecruter work for all businesses?

iRecruter’s user friendly interface allows easy assessment and interview setups between applicants and recruiters within a few minutes. Creating the entire assessment and interview process while inviting applicants to the platform and for interviews is an easy process. iRecruter also helps enterprises centralize and govern the workflow much easier.

How do I subscribe to iRecruter?

You can visit and fill out an enquiry form. We will contact you and give you all the details along with a demo.

Is there a mobile app for iRecruter?

Yes, iRecruter mobile app for enterprises is found on iOS App Store and Google Play store.

How many parallel candidate interviews can iRecruter support?

Unlimited, iRecruter’s highly scalable application allows for thousands of candidates to be screened concurrently.

Do enterprise accounts come with a single login?

Each enterprise account comes with one admin login account and five interviewer login accounts. A total of six login accounts. This cannot be shared with other recruiters.

How much does one iRecruter subscription cost?

Please send us your enquiry we will contact you and give you all the details of Subscription.

Does iRecruter interfere with current Applicant Tracking Systems?

iRecruter works as an ATS. Yes, iRecruter will be compatible with all existing enterprise ATS very shortly.

Will I be able to generate my hiring report?

Yes, you can generate all the hiring reports for the month/ quarter/ half yearly/ yearly points. You can also track all the activity/ status on our easy to use dashboard.