CandidateX – The importance of Candidate Experience for your company

Previously, hiring was all about the employer and the company. Now however, candidates drive the recruitment process forward. A recent survey revealed the market to be 90 percent candidate-driven. Candidates are more aware of the range of opportunities out there and seek out a lot more when interacting with potential employers than just salaries and perks. Candidate experience goes a long way in helping the candidate decide if this company is for them.

Just what do you understand by candidate experience? This is how job seekers perceive your hiring cycle. The cycle influences the way they feel about you as an employer. Is your process easy and simple or difficult and frustrating?

Ensuring candidates have an awesome candidate experience is essential in 2018. Make sure you keep the following points in mind:

A Faster hiring time for good first impressions

Hiring a new candidate was a big investment of time and money. Deloitte research recently showed the cost of candidate acquisition to be nearly $5000. This didn’t take into consideration lost time and productivity costs while the position remained open. When your company provides a bad candidate experience, this process unnecessarily becomes longer.

At a fresher level, job seekers tend to be fewer and a smaller number will apply to your posting. When the application is lengthy and tougher to navigate through, needing candidates to jump through multiple hoops they are twice as likely to abandon the process and apply to the next company. A smaller candidate pool guarantees higher time investments in searching for perfect professionals for your open position driving up your costs.

The first impression candidates have of your company culture is the hiring process. Efficiency in the above steps helps speed up the hiring time.

Maintain great reputations with hired and non hired candidates

82 percent of employers surveyed mentioned they are twice as likely to buy from a company they recently applied to if they felt the company was forthright and provided them with respect through the application process. The same survey showed 9% of surveyors would not recommend them to others if they had a bad experience during the process.

The thought and energy going into a great interview experience  requires thought and extra energy. But this is worth the effort – you stand to lose out on great canddiates and customers otherwise.

Job Descriptions designed for success

Before a face to face interview comes the job description. Today’s job seeker wants a clear and accurate explanation of the scope of work, the responsibilities and other essential information. A snapshot of details like company values, perks, benefits and salary is needed. This all needs to be easy to read. Review your existing job descriptions to ensure they accurately represent the job and contain the important details. Create a post compatible for mobile devices including lists, bullet points and bold formatting to point the essential information for making the decision to apply.

Technology and CandidateX

Interview experiences are being boosted by technology in 2018. From ATS integrating with your HR software to mobile recruitment apps and platforms that take up your entire hiring cycle, more and more companies are streamlining your hiring cycles and improving candidateX for your company.

What exactly are candidates seeking in the application stage? A recent survey showed 57 percent pointing out the process to be too automated with zero personalization while 50 percent hated the number of steps. Nowadays technology enables recruitment specialists to conduct mobile interviews with candidates using customized apps and platforms to ensure credible and authentic, valid submissions. The standout mobile interview apps allow for a seamless candidate experience that excites the candidate and motivates them to perform better. Each mobile interview is delivered to the client with accurate feedback and the employer’s video profile is readily made available.

The final piece of the puzzle

Provide candidates with respect when it comes to telling them they did not get the job. While many would like bad news on the phone, a significant number prefer emails. Invest in the time to send emails to candidates that don’t get the job. This way your brand is still highly thought of and future applicants might be more in number.

In today’s aggressive hiring environment, your entire candidateX investments can be taken care of by a single company offering. A single service offering can provide you thorough and end to end interview processes that help deliver a great candidate experience. These providers cover everything From mobile interviews to psychometric tests to reporting and ROI guaranteeing a high level of applicant experience. Check out iRecruter here!

Adarsh HM
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